Elyse Blechman sells Absolut 40% alcohol, a teratogen, for #pernodricard

#CosmoComeback, but obvi make it fashion!
My INCREDIBLY talented friend, @lady_kaytie has been hand crafting these polymer clay earrings from her home here in Brooklyn – and let me tell you how inspired and amazed I am by these incredible Cosmo and Absolut Vodka bottle danglers she’s sent through the post to join my growing collection. I mean, wow y’all.
To kick off #NationalCosmoDay in SERIOUS style, I’ll be gifting a pair of her earrings to the first 5 friends who give her a follow and slide into her DMs @dangly_ones – TELL HER THE COSMO QUEEN SENTCHYA!
#CosmoComeback #AbsolutCosmo #DanglyOnes #SideHustle #VodSquad #TopKnot #nationalcosmoday38w

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