SERENA F*CKING KERRIGAN drinks Absolut vodka by the bottle.

No matter how you choose to party this summer, don’t be afraid to make a statement and celebrate your way. I partnered with @AbsolutUS to bring back the fun of going out with three SFK-isms that let everyone know how I’m feeling. Here are the three icebreakers you need to #mixresponsibly. You’re welcome. #absolutpartner

Noelle Downing. Absolut 40% alcohol by #pernodricard

Nothing quite like some sunshine and a delicious cocktail! 🍉 Sharing one of my absolute favorites- a Watermelon Vodkarita using @absolutus! It’s so delish and easy to make- here’s the recipe!

2 Parts Absolut
1 1/5 Parts Watermelon Puree
3/4 Parts Lime Juice
3/4 Parts Simple Syrup
1/4 Part Orange Liqueur
Top with a watermelon slice and a lime wedge!

Raise your hand if you’ll be making it!? #AbsolutPartner1d