Jameson 40% alcohol use Retta.#pernodricard

Jameson SPTO!

• I’m a Jameson partner and if you know me, you know mami is geeeeked about this. We’ve partnered to let you know that THIS St. Patrick’s Day (unlike last year) will not be lost. This year I’ll be celebrating safely with friends thanks to #JamesonSPTO 🥃 It’s like PTO but specifically for St. Patrick’s Day! #JamesonPartner 🤸🏾‍♀️

• Take the pledge at JamesonSPTO.com for a chance to win $50 to spend this St. Patrick’s Day. For each winner – @jameson_us will donate an additional $50 in their honor to the @rwcfusa to complement the $150,000 donation the brand is making.

• NO PURCH NEC. Open to 50 US/DC 21+. Ends 3/7. Alcohol not included with prize.
• Check my bio for link to rules8h