@LIZZO selling toxic alcohol for @AbsolutUS


Have you seen my #ad for @absolutvodka_us yet?!! Yeah, yeah I know I said “I got a bottle of te*uila I been saving for you” 😏BUT THE JUICE AINT WORTH THE SQUEEZE IF THE JUICE DONT TASTE LIKE THIS🤪 Plus look at my cute big grrrls 😍 you wanna #getjuicy bitch?

hereismaddy selling Absolut vodka with sugary sweeteners

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#ad Absolut Juice Strawberry is the summer drink in my house! It’s so refreshing and easy to drink, it’s always my go-to crowd pleaser! Its well-balanced sweetness and no artificial flavors make it perfect for a summer spritz! Who doesn’t love a summer spritz?! 👏🏼 It’s no wonder @absolutvodka_us is Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka! #getjuicy #absolutjuice