@LIZZO selling toxic alcohol for @AbsolutUS


Have you seen my #ad for @absolutvodka_us yet?!! Yeah, yeah I know I said “I got a bottle of te*uila I been saving for you” 😏BUT THE JUICE AINT WORTH THE SQUEEZE IF THE JUICE DONT TASTE LIKE THIS🤪 Plus look at my cute big grrrls 😍 you wanna #getjuicy bitch?

Absolut vodka use Laura Janis, “Having a cocktail party by myself!”


#ad status: having a cocktail party by myself! 😂🍹it feels like summer in Chi so I tried this super easy & yummy cocktail! 😍 use code “DrinkAtHome” for $5 towards your drizly order. * 21+. New users only. Void where prohibited. Courtesy of Drizly.
– 1 1/2 oz absolute vodka
– 5 oz cranberry juice
– 1 wheel lime
– ice cubes @absolutvodka_us@drizlyinc#absolutpartner

Noelle Downing. Absolut 40% alcohol by #pernodricard

Nothing quite like some sunshine and a delicious cocktail! 🍉 Sharing one of my absolute favorites- a Watermelon Vodkarita using @absolutus! It’s so delish and easy to make- here’s the recipe!

2 Parts Absolut
1 1/5 Parts Watermelon Puree
3/4 Parts Lime Juice
3/4 Parts Simple Syrup
1/4 Part Orange Liqueur
Top with a watermelon slice and a lime wedge!

Raise your hand if you’ll be making it!? #AbsolutPartner1d