Denise Jones selling Jameson 40% alcohol/ethanol for Pernod Ricard.

Screenshot_2020-04-22 Denise Jones ( youknowdenise) • Instagram photos and videos

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[SWIPE] Listen, social distancing has me missing manyyyy things, one of them being my favorite bartenders😩! Let’s be real, drinks at home have not been the same lol I’ll admit I’m no pro, but… Jack (@schrammplate) is! Jack is a bartender based in NY, and he’s teaching me how to make some easy, tasty Jameson cocktails at home (that’ll taste just like those at my favorite local bar🤫)! Turn your notifications on, add this on your calendar — TODAY at 4pm PST on @jameson_us Live #jamesonpartner. See you guys there!

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