tosmoney selling Jameson whiskey for Pernod Ricard


On chill for the night, anything extra is unnecessary 💯🥃💎 @jameson_us #jameson


Ehmonie sharing a bottle of Absolut vodka


absolut ehmonie


#ad // Wanna know my favorite summer drink? It’s the new Absolut Juice! Made with real fruit juice, when it’s mixed with club soda and fresh sliced fruit, it is a refreshing summer treat for me and my friends! The strawberry edition tastes like a mix of rich and fresh, juicy and smooth ripened strawberries, a touch of vanilla, a hint of floral notes, well-balanced sweetness. I grabbed the 750ml bottle but it also comes in a 350ml size, and also comes in and apple flavor. Click the link on my bio to learn more and make sure you grab some Absolut Juice this summer – made with Absolut – Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka! #AbsolutJuice

What cocktail will you make with Absolut Juice? @absolutvodka_us #getjuicy