Kittens selling Jameson toxic alcohol/ethanol for Pernod Ricard.

Screenshot_2020-04-22 Denise Jones ( youknowdenise) • Instagram photos and videos(2)


Getting ready to spend St. Patrick’s Day under quarantine and with all nightlife shutdown all I can think about are all of the people stuck without an income right now. People in the service industry as we all know rely heavily on their tips and with huge holidays like this one, I’m sure there were thousands of bartenders/bar staff expecting a large portion of their yearly income just from one day.
I’m happy to be partnered with @Jameson_US who pledged $500,000 to the charity of the United States Bartenders’ Guild, who has an emergency assistance program (you do not need to be a guild member to receive support). More info at #jamesonpartner

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