LVMH use @aliciakeys @langlangpiano – Hennessy 40% alcohol #alcoholad #drinkawaste



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  • hennessy's profile picturehennessyVerifiedCRAFTING HARMONY​⁣
    Two legendary musicians come together in unity to blend their unique notes and cultures for Paradis’ most blissful moment yet.​⁣
    “It’s so cool to be able to play together for what it represents. We grew up on different sides of the planet, but we were able to come together and understand each other through harmony, music, passion, and bliss, to create the feeling of “Paradis on Earth.” -Alicia Keys​⁣
    Find out more at the link in bio.​⁣
    @aliciakeys @langlangpiano​⁣
    Shot by @vivianesassenstudio for Hennessy Paradis​⁣

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