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@havanaclub in A Ride w/ @vickygrout in London (United-Kingdom 🇬🇧)

Let’s enter a new «A Ride With» week on @havanaclub ! Starting today, we will share the Polish/British photographer @vickygrout latest editorial. Vicky has risen through the London photography scene shooting musicians such as Jorja Smith, Rimon, Enny, Aitch, PA Salieu and many more. Music was her inspiration to start shooting and it had become intricately linked to her success, Vicky started shooting at raves and gigs before getting being commissioned by the same artists she has been shooting at gigs for years,. Her speciality : immortalize faces and tell stories. For Havana Club 7, she united her friends to showcase what inspires her in London and its creative energy. «[…] As I got to know a few of the artists within the London scene, I would then begin documenting their nights, and that developed into shooting their press shots/portraits etc. Every day, we will share an image of the photo series and inspirations behind her work.» An exciting gift is awaiting you by the end of the week 👀

Discover the edit & the full series on our website! Models : @ameliaamf_@fiaurora@indiahmusic@theraripriestxss@stephanieslife

Discover the entire series this week

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