Jameson 40% alcohol by Pernod Ricard use Roxanne, gaiyaliving

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Happy almost St. Paddy’s Day! I still can’t believe we’re already halfway through March 😮 – this is usually my marker for the early start of spring! ⁠

We loved our #JamesonSPTO Brunch so much, we headed over to @jewelosco to make another meal – just for the two of us! This time, we were craving some beef cottage pie and it was delicious! Keep a lookout for the recipe soon 😋.⁠

We love celebrating St. Paddy’s for as long as we can, so we used the rest of our Jameson for something called “Not a Shamrock Shake!” 🥃⁠

You’ll definitely want refills! All you need is:⁠

– 1 part Jameson ⁠
– 1 part simple syrup (it’s just water and sugar cooked down into a liquid)⁠
– Granulated sugar, to taste⁠
– Lemon juice, to taste⁠
– 8 Basil leaves⁠
– Top it off with sparkling white wine ⁠

And that’s pretty much it! This combo is perfect for your #JamesonSPTO celebrations or pretty much any day of the year 😍.⁠

Not near a Jewel? No problem! You can also find Jameson at your local Target or Binny’s!⁠

What’s your favorite tradition for St. Paddy’s Day? Drop a comment below!⁠3d

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