.@alexanderricard at @pernodricard employees sales conference. “Keep people ignorant about alcohol.”

It was an incredible experience to be able to connect with @pernodricard employees from around the world both in person and online at Les Embiez 2022 for our first ever phygital conference.

Thank you to everyone for their participation and to everyone working behind the scenes to make this special event come to life.

Tia Maria cold brew coffee frappé . #pernodricard

Tia Maria
48 m  ·

Savour the urban vibes of the Tia Maria ready-to-drink iced coffee frappé, with its velvety foam and unique Tia Maria taste.

Ready to Drink Iced Coffee Frappè

A delicious and velvety cream foam with the unique signature taste of Tia Maria for your refreshing break at home or on the go. This new ready to drink is made with coffee perfectly blended with Tia Maria and a hint of Milk. Once opened, clever nitro technology instantly creates the frappé foam for an indulgent and smooth taste.