Stoli & The Filthy Dirty

Stoly Filthy Dirty

Some fresh fruit, prosciutto & THE Filthy Dirty . Definitely a pairing you can’t miss.

Clandestine marketing of heavy alcohol/ethanol by Stolichnaya

Target middle and upper class women

Bury the heavy alcohol in trendy stuff

Deceive the consumer

Keep your friends close and your bourbon closer #JimBeam

JB woman and glass

Stealth marketing by Jim Beam/Suntory

  • Targeting young women
  • Glass of pure heavy alcohol/ethanol
  • Women can’t tolerate alcohol as much as men
  • Women shouldn’t take alcohol if they’re pregnant
  • The bottle is presented deliberately to hide any reference to alc/vol
  • The bottle above is 40% pure alcohol/ethanol
  • Extremely dangerous if taken in any quantity

This hide and deceive alcohol policy shows absolutely no regard for women’s health and well-being