Man U promotes Concha y Toro

Casillero man u

Alcohol and sport don’t mix.

Elite athletes can’t take alcohol

It’s ferocious toxicity affects heart, liver and lungs

As well as the brain!


Keep your friends close and your bourbon closer #JimBeam

JB woman and glass

Stealth marketing by Jim Beam/Suntory

  • Targeting young women
  • Glass of pure heavy alcohol/ethanol
  • Women can’t tolerate alcohol as much as men
  • Women shouldn’t take alcohol if they’re pregnant
  • The bottle is presented deliberately to hide any reference to alc/vol
  • The bottle above is 40% pure alcohol/ethanol
  • Extremely dangerous if taken in any quantity

This hide and deceive alcohol policy shows absolutely no regard for women’s health and well-being

Drink me. I’m Irish

Bonn oir

Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka

Our vodka is made by the O’Shevlin family’s closely guarded gold medal recipe – brought to America from Ireland and passed down over three generations. With the finest soft white wheat, pure glacial water and a lot of passion, we’ve fulfilled our grandfather’s dream of creating a truly exceptional, unique spirit, which embodies our Irish heritage.

Exploiting the Irish legend for heavy drinking

No mention of heavy alcohol. No health warning

Heavy alcohol, a toxic, addictive, destructive drug