New Absolut 35% alcohol with real fruit juice including apple & strawberry

absolut luxe and labeless


#ad A day at the pool is not complete without the newest drink of the summer,

new Absolut Juice! It comes in both apple & strawberry, & is made with real fruit juice! #absolutjuice #getjuicy click the link below to see where to find yours

Make Lizzo’s new Absolut juice cocktail at home.

absolut lizzos strawberry & cream


#GetJuicy with

‘s signature cocktail:









STRAWBERRIES & CREAM • 2 Parts Absolut Juice Strawberry • 2 Parts Coconut Puree • ½ parts Lemon • ¾ parts simple syrup • 1 part

• Build in tin, Add ice, Shake, Strain. • Top with Rosé.